Marcos Meza

Musician, composer.

Marcos Meza is a pianist, composer, and professional arranger majored at the Chilean Modern School of Music.  He has been participating in mainly Hip Hop, Pop and Classical music projects since 1998; including works with highly acclaimed artists such as Camila Moreno, Francisca Valenzuela, Alex Anwandter, Como Asesinar a Felipes, Bahía Inútil, Kinética, Fother Muckers, Sensorama 19-81, Chilean Juvenile Symphonic Orchestra, Valdivia Chamber Orchestra, etc.   Recently he has concentrated on scoring for Movie and Television productions such as the mega hit "Los 80" (seasons 6 and 7), the prime time series "La Canción de Tu Vida" (The Song of Your Life) and ¨Teletón 2013, the pride of Chile¨. He is currently working as a freelance arranger for the music productors "Miranda y Tobar" and "Melody Factory".

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