Marcos Meza

Musician, composer.

Marcos Meza is a pianist, composer, and professional arranger majored at the Chilean Modern School of Music. Since 1998, he has been evolved on producing musical’s projects of Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and Classical, such as Como Asesinar a Felipes, Teleradio Donoso, Francisca Valenzuela, Camila Moreno, Alex Anwandter, López, Bahía Inútil and the Chamber Orchestra of Valdivia (Chile). Besides, he has worked as orchestrator on film´s and TV’s productions, for example, “Los 80” and Expo Milán, of the Chilean musical companies Miranda & Tobar and Melody Factory (Camilo Salinas-Pablo Ilabaca). Meza has released three instrumental albums by Potoco Discos Records ( On 2013, he founded ¨Ensamble Marcos Meza¨, which is a musical ensemble for Piano, French horns and Tuba with musicians of the Chamber Orchestra of Chile and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Chile. They play original repertoire and classical pieces of films and TV series.

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Musician, composer. Potoco Discos